Night Riding Season Is Just Around the Corner!

The leaves are starting to fall, there’s a little nip in the air and the sun is setting a little earlier day by day.  All of this means night-riding season is just around the corner!  Time to dig out the lights, get them charged up, find your waterproof gear, give the bike some love and maybe change your tires out to something a little more grippy.  Now that your bike and gear is ready to go what about you?


If you’ve even been out in the pitch-black forest and had a light go out, you know how much fun it is trying to pick your way back to the car all the while being watched by the creatures of the night.  In much the same vein what would happen if you were to lose a contact lens while out riding?  No Fun.  The answer can be simple though.

IMG_3592 (2).JPG

Have you considered adding a set of daily disposables to your tool kit?  Dailies work out to around $2-$4 a pair and have a shelf life of around three years. Cheap insurance and an absolute life saver if you’re out at night and have a mishap!  Come and see us and we’ll get you setup and ready for the season.

One of our favorite after work loops is on Fromme Mountain.  Park at Dempsey/Braemar.  Head up the Dempsey climber and over on Baden Powell, do the grind up Mountain Highway and then enjoy the Expresso-Lower Expresso-Pennzoil descent! We are big supporters of the NSMBA and a proud to help their trail building and maintenance work through our Sponsorship of the organization. 

Make Eye Exams A Fun Part of Your Child's Back-To-School Routine!

As your child grows and develops their eye’s grow and develop and this can lead to changes in their vision.

Research indicates that 80% of learning is done visually and that 25% of kids have an undiagnosed eye condition. Taking a little time to have your child’s vision checked is an important part of getting them back to school ready.

The Canadian Association of Optometrists recommends starting annual vision checks before the age of three. If your kids haven’t had the opportunity to get their vision checked yet, now is always a great time to start. At our practice, children’s eye exams are fully covered by BC medical. A child’s eye exam usually takes 10-20 minutes.

-        Book Online

Use our online booking section to find an appointment slot that’s right for you and your child’s schedule.  Trying to cram to many things in a day can stress everyone out, find a time that’s right for you.


-        Take a Selfie!

We have patients that take a picture of their child every year as a way of recording their growth.  It’s fun to look back over the pictures. As your child develops have them take the picture themselves.


-        Treats

Plan something your kids might like for after the exam like a trip to the playground or favorite snack. (We usually have candies at the front desk which all are welcome to, but that’s your choice if you want to offer them to your family.) 

We’ll do our very best to ensure you and your child have a great experience, making them feel at home and comfortable with the environment.   We truly believe that having your child’s vision checked is a vital part of setting them up for success at school!